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Personalized Photo Crystal - Stadium

  • $79.99

Add a touch of elegance to your home or brighten someone’s day with the alluring charm of crystal. Personalize your crystal with an image of a special moment in time, family member(s), friend, or pet. There is no better product that will evoke long-term memories than crystal. Turn today’s events into tomorrow’s memories with the splendor of personalized crystal.

These crystal keepsakes are made from the highest quality optical crystal. State-of-the art technology uses lasers to fracture the crystal one dot at a time, creating hundreds of thousands of tiny fractures inside the crystal which reveal the image you upload. It gives it that extra flare in the form of carefully crafted designs that anybody will appreciate and admire.

When you order a crystal, your image goes through our impressive software which trims the excess background from the main focus of the image. In doing so, the most important part of the image becomes the star of the crystal. This is a fantastic feature that suspends the image inside the crystal giving it a remarkable look that boasts quality.

• Upload Your Own Image!

• High Quality Optical Crystal

• Image is Etched within Crystal

• LED Light Up Base (Optional)

• Size: 3 1/2”(w) x 2 1/4”(h) x 3/4”(d)

When you upload your image, you will have the ability to scale and position it within the confines of the crystal’s laser area. The background of your image will be removed using state-of-the-art software, making the subject the only portion of your image to be etched into the crystal. Keep this in mind when scaling your image as when the background is removed, you may have more empty space than originally desired. 

Note: For best results, images with high contrast and good separation from the background tend to look the most dynamic.